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Ambassador of Consent Workshop yea!

… in Seattle though.

"Would you like to learn more about how to talk to people about Consent and Consent Culture? Are you looking for tools to improve your interactions and relationships with others?

Are you interested in becoming an active member of the Consent Crew, planting seeds of awareness about Consent throughout the Pacific Northwest?

Consent Ambassadors have a mission to:
*Engage, educate and inform about Consent Culture in fun and playful ways.
*Empower individuals with language around communication about expressing what they want, don’t want, or maybe need to think about more.
*Encourage people to have conversations where it is okay to say No.

In this workshop, led by Kim Dee and Mel Mariposa, we'll cover the "Power Of No", explore some activities to get better at saying and hearing No ourselves, learn some assertive communication techniques, and discuss how to approach being a Consent Ambassador in a variety of settings.

This is a great workshop for anyone to take who is interested in talking to others about Consent Culture - whether you think you'll volunteer for events or not!"

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