~My goal is to create a culture of consent so we can all experience the most love, safety, connection, freedom and abundance.~

    Women's/Community Empowerment Song Circles & 1/1 Voice Coaching:

    ~Truly Listening~

    Align your voice with your truth to share it more fully.


    Let's Rise together through empowering our voices through song and vulnerable and courageous sharing!


    Come step more fully into your voice either in a 1/1 song journey with me catered to your particular needs, OR in a group setting where we all support each other.


    Contact me for more detailed information


    Check out the W.E.S.C. fall series event page here:


    Women's Empowerment Song Circle


    1/1 Voice Coaching:

    Interested in stepping more fully into your authentic voice? Allow me to help guide you through the journey of discovering you true expression.


    ❤️ I would love to work with you ❤️

    Contact Me

    Consent As Love Workshops

    Bring me to your community!

    Understand how to "Create (ing) Your Consent Castle" verbally and non-verbally through communication and movement-based skill sets.


    Understand the intricacies involved in consent, get clearer on your yes's/no's, and learn practical tools for how to enact consent culture in relationship (to self, other, and community) and in day-to-day life. Become consent ambassadors to help change the world for the better and take a stand for real love.


    Workshop Choices:

    1) Regular Consent As Love Intro Workshop. (90min)

    2) Consent As Love Workshop and Ritual. (120min)

    3) Consent As Love- Sound Bath*Meditation

    *Workshop*Cacao Celebration (120- 150min)

    4) The Dance of Consent: Non-verbal Practice (90-120 min)


    ❤️ I would love to work with you ❤️

    Contact Me


    Also, check out my new site I'll be transitioning to Soon!


    Consent As Love Coaching and Mediation:

    ~ Truly Listening ~

    Empowerment coaching through clear listening and intentional communication.

    • Need help navigating what's best for you specifically to do after your consent has been breached or after you have breached someone else's consent?
    • Need clarification or support around what you're authentic boundaries are?
    • Want to know clearly what you want and feel confidant asking for it?
    • Questions about how to truly live a culture of consent in every way in your life and in your communities?
    • Need more understanding on what is and is not consensual?
    • Want someone who can lovingly hold you accountable for and cheer you on in the life you want to create for yourself?


    ❤️ I would love to work with you ❤️

    Contact Me

    Sound Healing:

    Consent As Love Music and Meditation Offerings:

    Bring me to your community!

    Attune our body, mind, spirit to a culture of consent.

    Sound Bath into

    Consent As Love Meditation into

    Self-love and resourcing meditation (40-60min)



    Consent As Love- Based Songs: songs that I've written that are aligned with the values of Love and Consent. (60min)


    ❤️ I would love to work with you ❤️

    Contact Me


    To listen to some of my sound creations, visit my soundcloud:

    Consent As Love (A Believer)


    Also, check out my new music site at:

    Cyrena Giordano Sound Offerings

    Consent As Love Bodywork

    ~ Truly Listening ~


    Swedish technique and sound optionally included (drums, bowls).


    Practice stating your authentic boundaries with me as I touch your body!


    Feel empowered to use your voice with me as I receive you in a loving and listening way.


    ❤️ I would love to work with you ❤️

    Contact Me

    Or check out and book through my massage website:


  • Testimonials

    Coaching Testimonials:


    "I've seen many therapists and coaches and Cyrena is by far the most effective in creating a clear strategy in my relationships. After receiving coaching from Cyrena, I feel more empowered to assert my boundaries and needs in my relationships and understand their place in my own self-worth."

    -Annonymous, NYC


    "First and foremost I want to express how easily and comfortably Cyrena guided the conversation. The way in which she articulates herself and her experience of the conversation is stunning. Having her reflect the intricacies of my relationship to consent was uncomfortable yet it was something that I felt utterly safe to explore. Cyrena's capacity to provide a container to learn more about oneself was one of the most tender experiences I've had in a while. The work that she does and the attention that she provides is profound and intensely necessary. Such love and such gratitude."

    -Jaqueline M, Canada


    “Thank you again so much, and I love your idea to transfer this power into other areas of my life now. I have been able to be more direct, and saying no more easily now. On the dance floor at Ecstatic the other day a man started dancing with me and touching my back just being too touchy in general and I shut him down so fast and said excuse me stop I don't want to dance this close, and created my space boundary. I usually don't like making others uncomfortable or feel bad and now I'm not caring how others feel and putting my needs first.”

    -Heather, CA


    Women's Empowerment Song Circle Testimonials:


    "Thank you for last night, I absolutely loved it and would be very interested in returning. You lead a beautiful evening"



    "I really enjoyed the way Cyrena facilitated this women's circle. She created a safe and fun space to explore the vulnerable feelings that can come up around self-expression and being seen.


    Cyrena's playful spirit and gentle facilitation made me feel comfortable exploring my emotions around the voice and expression. She encouraged taking chances with harmonies, having fun, not being afraid of making mistakes and feeling free to express and explore without judgment and evaluation.


    Cyrena provided a solid container for holding what came up for us as we explored the tender territory of opening the voice. It felt like a safe and nurturing space to be held in as I tried new things with my voice and leaned into my edges.


    By the end of the workshop, I really felt my voice open up and I was more comfortable just letting it flow. The circle improved my sense of trust and connection in others which is necessary for being visible and allowing full expression. I definitely underwent an internal transformation in the span of just a couple hours."


    - Chanelle, East Bay



    "Singing in community is something humans are meant to do, and Cyrena is a beautiful facilitator of that magic. I left the evening feeling full-hearted and joyful, and excited but relaxed about my journey to my voice. My voice needs encouragement and healing, and it is so wonderful to share that in the company of other women on the same journey. My voice felt safe to sound "bad" and just explore together with new friends.


    The meditation and warm up to get the party started was beautiful and helpful to drop the events of the day and drop into the present moment. The fluidity of the event felt organic, safe, and co-created. Perhaps unsurprising coming from a teacher of communication and consent -- very skillfully done.


    I heart-ily recommend these sessions to my friends and look forward to more."


    - Dana K , SF


    "Tuesday evening was beautiful. I stated it at the event and I really appreciated how attentive you were to each and every voice present. The way you moved challenges into deeper explorative terrain immediately was stunningly intuitive. I learned what a fertile ground voice exploration is for spiritual development. I can definitely see how going to these regularly would allow the medicine to integrate and amplify. I will be at more. At the moment I can’t commit due to work/school full time. However I do like the freedom of spontaneously showing up when my schedule permits. What you are offering is wonderful!"


    -Alita, East Bay/LA


    “Arriving back from circling with Cyrena this evening, I feel luscious, divinely connected, and sourced deeply from within. Her way of holding space in is so intentionally focused in the sacred. When I got caught up in my story, she lovingly guided me back to prayer in a way that helped me re-assess what’s most important to me at this time and call that in. In this intimate space I felt free to be myself, free to express, experiment, play, and drop into my powerful center. I am so grateful that she is holding this space for women to come together in prayer , as we have been doing since the beginning of time. This space is perfect for those like myself wanting to build confidence in sharing their voice with larger groups. Cyrena is so easeful and grounded in her vocal mastery, so sincere in her healing prayers for humanity. She is truly a gift to our community and I can’t wait to share space in this way again~ In Lak’ech.”

    -Amelia WindRiver, East Bay


    Workshop Testimonials:


    "The last series Cyrena Giordano did at the Golden Mandala was really transformative for me. I tuned into parts of myself that really needed attention - and learned new ways of communicating that are so valuable for my relationships. The group conversations brought light to so much of what's up collectively right now. And the movement meditations brought me into a super euphoric yet embodied space. I'm excited to dive deeper into this work, an immersive container sounds incredible."


    ~ Anastasia, Nevada City



  • Upcoming Events



    • Feb 3 (Sat): Cacao and Sound Journey-
      • Me, Caroline, Samsun, Livi
    • Feb 17th (Sat)- Concert and container setting for private Valentine's Party 
      •  Me, Samsun 
    • Feb-March: Bi- Weekly Women's Empowerment Song Circles and ​Community Empowerment Song Circles
      • Tuesdays and Thursdays
    • Weekly FB live videos about creating consent culture:
      • Fridays at 12pm.
    • Serenity Gathering
      • Consent As Love Workshop
      • Songs and Soundscapes. Me, Samsun.
    • Enchanted Forest Gathering (June 10th)
      • Community Empowerment Song Circle
      • Sound Healing for Rivka's/ WendyFaithRetreats yoga class
    • Connection Lab Workshop with Soulliftcacao (Sunday June 17th, 7-10pm)
      • Collaboration with Nick Meador
    • Heart & Solstice Gathering (June 21st)
      • Community Empowerment Song Circle, Songs and Soundscapes
    • New Paradigm Party (Sunday August 25th, 7-10pm)
      • Consent-led dance journey and Cacao Party
      • Collaboration with Nick Meador & Adi
    • Consent and the 4 C's Deep Dive (Every Thursday the Month of July)
      • 4 Classes: Connection, Consideration, Communication, Collaboration
    • Full Moon in Pisces Gathering (The Center SF, Sunday. 7-9pm)
      • Guest Singer
    • NEW MOON SOUND HEALING SLOW FLOW workshop (Namaste Yoga Oakland. Sunday 2-4pm)
      • Yoga & Sound Healing collaboration with Rivka




    • 6/9 Fri.- Enchanted Forest Gathering
      • 9a Women’s Empowerment Song Circle
      • 10:30a Creating Your Consent Castle Workshop
    • 6/14 - Sound Healing Wed. Ecstatic Dance Oakland
    • 6/25 Sat.- Creating Your Connection Castle Workshop 
      • 1-3p @ The Center SF
    • 7/2 - Sound Healing Sun. Ecstatic Dance Oakland
    • 5/15- June: Weekly Women's Empowerment Song Circles
      • Tues 5-6:15pm @East Bay Community Space/ 7-9pm at the Sonic Sanctuary
    • 5/15- June: Weekly Soundbaths with Samsun Suneyes
      • Mon 5-6pm @East Bay Community Space
    • 8/14- Creating Your Consent Castle Workshsop.
      •  Beloved Festival, Oregon.
    • 9/24- Sound Healing for Ganja Yoga
    • 9/19-10/31 Weekly Women's Empowerment Song Circles
      • Tuesdays and some Thursdays. 7pm-9:30pm, sometimes 5-7:30pm. Sonic Sanctuary.
    • 10/2-11/27 Sound Baths and Community Song Celebration nights
      • Every other Monday. 7pm-9pm. Cyrena and Samsun. Sonic Sanctuary.
    • 10/4 AND 10/8 Sound Healing for end of Ecstatic Dance Oakland
      • Cyrena and Samsun Suneyes
    • 10/7 (Sat)- Women's Empowerment Song Circle for the Permaculture Convergence
    • 10/15 AND 10/18 Sound Healing for end of Ecstatic Dance Oakland
      • Cyrena and Pia Luz
    • 10/24- Interview by Sumati Sparks for "Leading Edge Love Radio"
    • 11/4- "Creating Your Consent Castle."
      • Saturday. 10am-2pm. Sonic Sanctuary.
    • 2016:
    • July 16 (Saturday) - Consent As Love based Guava Cacao Ceremony at GUAVA, Emeryville
    • July 24 (Friday)- Consent as Love Workshop: "50 Shades of YES! How to Create a Culture of Consent" at Enchanted Forest Festival.
    • August 23 (Tuesday)- Consent as Love Sound Bath and Workshop Portland, Oregon
    • September 22 (Thursday)- Consent As Love Kinetic Intimacy Fusion Workshop
    • October 5 (Wednesday)- Consent As Love Sound Healing at Ecstatic Dance Oakland



    Please use this form to get in touch regarding any of my Consent As Love offerings.

    consent as love on youtube
  • The Blog

    The consent ambassador experience

  • Consent as love Videos

    Creating a Culture of Consent

    Being Prepared

    What are your Yes's, No's, and Maybe's?










    June 2016

    Consent As Love

    What is it?


    Conset as Love. Consent as Life. Creating a Culture of Consent.


    A little snippet of how rape culture affects our interelational dynamics that can be more easeful and fun via consent culture <3


    May 2016

    How to Navigate A "Maybe".

    Information on how you can set a safe container to feel out your maybe




    How to *support* someone who is a maybe if you are experiencing that person as unsure.


    June 2016

    Consent As Love

    A silent video project.


    October 2016

    Consent As Love

    Original Music


    "The Village"


    December 2016

    Consent As Love

    Consent is a LIFE practice.


    Consent creates real connection.


    March 2017

    Setting Healthy Boundaries Interview with Anna-Thea

    How do we set healthy boundaries in a loving way?


    How can we continue to open up our voice to feel more confident setting our boundaries?

    Community Empowerment Song Circle

    Embodying consent culture through singing a song for each step of my Consent and the 4 C's.


    "Your Body Knows" signifying the first step, CONNECTION, to the self, the body, and it's sensations

  • “You are strong alone, and we are much stronger together.”


    “You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” ~ R. Buckminster Fuller

  • About Me

    Being love together


    I've always had a unyielding value of INCLUSION.


    I've also always wanted to feel fully expressed, in love, AND have always wanted everyone right there with me. It's no fun for me being there alone!


    These values have inspired my life, my passions, my offerings, and my involvements in becoming who I am today.


    These values also fuel my innate role as an ambassador of supportive, authentic, expressed, loving communities. Mainly because I know that when we all have permission and feel safe to be our most authentic expressed selves, the most magic, power, love and abundance happens!


    Therefore my life path has been a beautiful discovery of all the necessary qualities and dynamics I need individually and that are necessary for community to create this oasis on earth I know to be possible- if we want it to be.


    How can I and we create communities that encourage the most supportive, aware, loving, safety-oriented, authentic, expressed individuals and therefore communities?


    Among many other things, like conscious compassionate communication, awareness, education, value around self-growth, boundaries, knowledge of feelings and needs, what I found to be the key element is consent.


    Issues around consent are blocks to real love, authenticity, expression and honoring.


    Consent is related to the deep wound of shame and self-worth that truly needs healing for the rest to fall into place.


    Having a high value around consent enables us to be the most empowered by living in our full, authentic hell-yeses.


    It encourages us to take responsibility for ourselves and our own experiences as well as creating more sensitivity to others and their experiences.


    It allows us to be in full control of our bodies, hearts, minds, emotions in relationship to ourselves and others in a way where we have CHOICE and therefore are EMPOWERED in our creation of our own experience on earth.


    If you think about it, deeply, you may realize that there were a lot of ways you did not have choice growing up or that your authentic boundaries were not honored. You may have not realized this because you either adopted your parents values and/or didn't have the example or education to understand how to discover and assert your own boundaries for yourself.


    Consent offers us more CHOICE and RESPECT by honoring BOUNDARIES.


    When we get to choose exactly what feels good for us, always, and enforce the boundaries that support our happiness- viola! We feel safe, empowered, more fully expressed, and therefore living in more love and abundance!


    It is my deep knowing that we need to cultivate a culture of consent.


    My goal is to assist in creating a culture of consent so we can all experience the most love and abundance.

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