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A Message to Men.


You Are Life

A baby crawls across a vast meadow.
Blades of grass and flower buds whisper to the baby:

I am life
Please remember me

A toddler stumbles across a field. Squirrels and deer and birds celebrate and dance around him chirping:

We are life
Please remember us.

A child runs up and embraces his human mother. The mother reminds the child:

I am life
Please remember me

A young boy plays in the river bed next to the field. The water gently sings to him:

I am life
Please remember me

A teenager sits on a bus next to his little sister. Another boy is making fun of her when an angel whispers in his ear:

She is life
Please remember her

A young adult sits on a deck close to his aging grandfather. The grandfather says to him:

I am life
please remember me

~The boy grows older~

A man walks the path of power.

He remembers the whispers of the grass, the call of the birds and animals, the song of the water, the reminder from his mother, the experience with his sister, the will of his grandfather.

He uses his voice to take a stand

For all things that contribute to life.
He swades his peers to honor the earth, water and its animals and to cherish their wombyn and girls and elders for they are the life bearers.

The grass, the flowers, the animals, the water, the mother, the sister, the grandfather beam with love and pride. They say to the man:

You are life
We couldn't do this without you.
We will always remember you.
Thank you for remembering us.

Creator says:
We must all remember the life givers
And include them in our stories
For abundance is the result of inclusion and cohesion of all.
We are in this together and we are all one.
Remember all the pieces that make the whole.

All are necessary to live in harmony for peace, love and abundance.

~by Cyrena G

Jan 2017~

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